Wildfowling Thanks

Please join us in thinking all of the wildfowling clubs that are involved and have donated not only Lots but unique experiences that can only be gained through winning our auction.

Our thanks goes out to Gloucester Wildfowling Association, Wentloog Wildfowling Association, Weymouth and District Wildfowlers, Great Yarmouth Wildfowling and Conservation, Frodsham and District wildfowlers Club, Morecombe Bay Wildfowling Association, Lytham and District Wildfowlers, Bridgwater Bay Wildfowlers Association, Ely and District Wildfowlers Association, Dorset Wildfowlers, Rockland Wildfowlers Association, Whittlesey Wildfowlers, Chichester Wildfowlers Association, Kent Wildfowlers, and Gedney Drove End Wildfowlers.

Click here to have a look at what is on offer.

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