As we come to the end.

As we end our auction we would like to thank everyone who has contributed and taken the time to look through our page and bid.

All of these experiences have been made possible by the kind donations from individuals, small businesses and other wildfowling organisations.

Thank you once again to  MPK Calls, Obsession Charters, Swiss Valley Motors, BASC Regional Officer – James Green, and Edward Notely Kent, English Handmade Knives, Newavon Arms, Wessex water Fisheries, Copperfield Care Heating services, North Somerset Gas Services, Edgewater Outdoor Clothing, Gloucester Wildfowling Association, Wentloog Wildfowling Association, Weymouth and District Wildfowlers, Great Yarmouth Wildfowling and Conservation, Frodsham and District wildfowlers Club, Morecambe Bay Wildfowling Association, Lytham and District Wildfowlers, Bridgwater Bay Wildfowlers Association, Ely and District Wildfowlers Association, Dorset Wildfowlers, Rockland Wildfowlers Association, Whittlesey Wildfowlers, Chichester Wildfowlers Association, Kent Wildfowlers, and Gedney Drove End Wildfowlers.

There are still a few hours of bidding left, please show your appreciation for those who are kind enough to donate their time and products to make all of this possible.

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