Work Starts On The Splash


Work commenced on digging out the slash Tuesday and should be finished in a couple of days.IMG_20170829_101838

The digger taking the top off with the lake in the background.



This picture shows the field containing the lake and the splash. [Sorry about the quality it was taken off a video]. The field in the area ringed in red is the whole site of 13.8 acres with the lake being about 10 acres, in this picture the water level is high. The splash area is on the left of the site and shaded blue and will be about 0.75 acres.

The funding for the project comes from Natural England. Some of the area will be sown with the appropriate seed mix, other areas may be left to self seed. Invasive plants like thistles and hard rush will be controlled by mowing or grazing.

We look forward to seeing it mature and will be posting on its development.




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