End Of Season Summary

Nesting tube with duck

Duck sitting on eggs in a Clevedon Wildfowling Association made nesting tube.

Now the season has come to an end here is a brief summary gained from some of our members.

Firstly the weather, up to December it was fairly mild with average rainfall and hardly any frost. During December and January it became colder but the temperature mainly stayed above freezing and any sub zero periods were brief just overnight frosts.      Rainfall during the season again was unexceptional although some heavy rain fell in the month of December during which the moors flooded up. Sunshine in December was slightly above average but below during January, which may account for some saying the moors were wetter than usual this winter.

Generally the season has been unremarkable although wigeon numbers may be down on previous years. Certainly inland all reports say when wigeon have been seen on the moor they are not in flocks but just in pairs or very low numbers dropping in on the splashes after dark. On the foreshore however, the reports are more mixed some say wigeon numbers are good whilst others are reporting poor numbers.

Teal and Mallard numbers seem to be the same as usual. Some say Mallard are down especially later in the season.

Snipe have been around in good numbers probably due to the wet moors and lack of hard frosts, in fact many wader species seem to be doing well especially on the foreshore.

Canada geese continue to become a more common quarry species and numbers seem to be leveling out.

All the above is anecdotal and based on reports and comments from club members.

As was mentioned in a previous post The CWA will be giving a talk at the BASC Wildfowling Conference. The presentation will center the clubs conservation work past present and future working with the BTO, NE and other groups and organisations. I hope to publish a full transcript either on the blog or through a link after the conference, which is on March 3rd.

Finally our AGM is in March and following that there should be some dates for events such as clay meets etc.


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