September Update


The picture above is the solar panel for the pump with our 10 acre pond called Puggs Pit in the background. Once the trench is dug the pipe laid to the ditch and the splash, which is in front of the panel is flooded, the pump should be able to keep it topped up.

Reports from members of the start of the season all say that there were plenty of duck about. Earlier in September over 500 Mallard were seen coming off Puggs pit in the evenings. These would most likely be wild birds as we have not released any this year.

Apart from mallard, wigeon teal and pintail have all been taken mainly on the foreshore and surrounding areas.

At the beginning of last month there were quite a lot of Canada geese on the ponds and ground around the foreshore but they seem to have pushed off for now, probably to return when the maize is cut. If it’s not ploughed back in too soon!

Crow control continues including trapping and shooting.


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