September Update



Junior Shoot.



The annual junior shoot, held at one of our ponds on the evening of the 21st., was a great success, four juniors shot and all had shots. The whistle was blown at 7.40pm, with a bag of 5 Mallard and 1 Teal.


Reed Clearance.


Reed Clearance,

These pictures show clearing the reed from one of our ponds. The reeds spread quite fast and need to be managed. Ducks need open water to fly into but we always leave some reed.


Other news, the season seems to have got of to a good start with plenty of mallard and teal, also there are now regular sightings of pintail around our foreshore. Some water has appeared on the moor after all the heavy rain but it’s probably too early for it to stay long. No sightings of large amounts of wigeon yet, have to wait for colder weather.

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