120 Ducks went swimming one day…

The last of this year’s ducks have been released.

Duck ringing (14)

Some ducks are happy for you to put a ring on

120 ducks have all been ringed and placed into a secure ponds along with our previous releases.  This is part of an ongoing conservation project to provide long term sustainability to management of club land.  Maintaining the local population of mallard and increasing nesting areas for future generations.

Duck ringing (26)

Members working together to ring the ducks

We Got Stuck In

The work party on the pond turned into a dirty days work.  Reed pulling and general maintenance was carried out by a number of members last Sunday.  Young members got involved by helping on the bank side.  A real good start to the clean up was made.  Some members took a dip in the pond to cool off, or so they said.

We even had a couple of spectating swans watching over us as we worked.

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Egg-Sighting Duck Tube News

We posted a few weeks ago about our on going conservation project where we have been creating duck nesting tubes to increase safe nesting sites, to help raise the hatching rate of wild mallards.  We are pleased to announce that after doing our routine inspections that some of those nesting tubes are now in use.

Hoping that our next sighting is of a healthy paddling of ducklings.

Nesting tube with duck

Duck sitting on eggs in a Clevedon Wildfowling Association made nesting tube.