Annual Gun Dog Scurry 2016

According the Oxford English dictionary a scurry is a situation of hurried and confused movement.  If you were with us yesterday you might agree with the accuracy.  Some dogs hurried, some were confused and all had a splashing good time.

10 dogs competed on the day, predominantly Labradors but with a mixture of Spaniels and a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. Several families and friends gathered to watch and more than doubled the attendance.

Test 1

A straight retrieve along the flood bank of approximately 120 yds with a gunshot to get the dogs interested. As each dog completed the first retrieve a dummy was placed out in the same spot as a blind for the dog to be sent back for immediately. Some were distracted by the ponds and headed for water but most completed one if not both retrieves.

Pete and his little Cocker Tink showed a real turn of speed to come in a good few seconds ahead of the rest and set a benchmark for the day.

Test 2

A seen retrieve into short cover with the dogs having to first cross a ditch then swim a narrow channel to reach the objective. Again there were some distracted dogs. A piece of debris floating in the channel proved to much for some who just had to go and investigate costing them valuable time!

Stuart and Tarka led this one by a good margin but Pete & Tink were hot on their heels.

Test 3

A simple 60 yd Blind retrieve along the bottom of the flood bank. Most completed this with one or two choosing to hunt out the reeds first.

Stuart took this one leaving the fourth and final test as a possible decider between Tarka & Tink.

Test 4

A 120 yd seen retrieve across a fast flooding channel. A difficult retrieve for the smaller dogs having to negotiate mud, tide and reed beds before pushing back 50 yds on the far bank to find the retrieve.

Tink took this one by 1 second!

As the scores were totted up no one was sure who had one as it appeared very close.  Top three finished as

  1. Stuart & Tarka (Lab) 3 minutes 53 seconds
  2. Pete & Tink (Cocker) 4 minutes 1 second
  3. Tom & Amber (Lab) 5 minutes 36 seconds

A special mention for Ian H who gave up his day to throw dummies for every dog and competitor and without his help the day wouldn’t have ran so smoothly.

Thank you to Ian W for organising the event and to everyone who took part and made the day a success.

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