Taste of success

Our bi-annual Taste of Game evening last night was a huge success.

This is a dedicated event to show our thanks to the landowners and friends and family of the club.  It is also a way to showcase just what you can do with wild caught game.

This has become a highlight in our calendar with over a 120 people in attendance and bar flowing.  It’s a great opportunity to all get together pre-season.

These were just some of the extensive menu of the evening.

  • Rabbit and Black Pudding Roll
  • Venison and Cranberry Sausages
  • Rabbit Rice Salad
  • Game Toulouse Sausages
  • Rabbit Casserole
  • Southern Fried Rabbit
  • Game Terrine
  • Pheasant, Lemon and Herb Sausages
  • Rabbit and Apricot Pie
  • Venison Faggots
  • Roast Partridge
  • Rainbow Trout

Thank you to all who attended and to all of the team behind the scenes.  We appreciated all of the work on the evening and the time taken to plan such an evening for us to enjoy.



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