BASC Southwest – Members Evening

This week BASC Southwest hosted the BASC council meeting with a members evening on Wednesday. The Clevedon Wildfowling Association were very pleased to be asked to co-host the event.IMG_20180523_183323 In the afternoon council members were taken by the CWA on a visit to some of our conservation projects including our award winning pond at Nailsea moor. During the visit they were given a talk about our habitat and shoot improvement schemes and ideas.


Later we repeated the visit for the BASC members who had arrived for the members evening.


The members evening was a great success an excellent game buffet was put on by the BASC southwest team and we all had a chance to meet Ian Bell BASC chief executive as well as council members.  Many thanks to David Gervers and the southwest team. Between us all and including the beautiful weather it was a very successful and enjoyable day.




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